USB Flash Drive:

Q: After the driver is installed, why can't WIN98SE recognize the mobile Flash Disk?
A: Check out the USB CONTROLLER item in BIOS, and make sure the item is ENABLE. If this still doesn't work, delete the drivers installed previously for USB flash disk or MP3.

Q: Can I pull out the Flash Disk when its LED is on or sparkling?
A: No, you can't, otherwise you may suffer from data loss. If the disk cannot work after such incident, please format it again. No physical damage was done, so after reformatting the Flash Disk is ready to be used again.

Q: Can the mobile Flash Disk used as starting disk?
A: Yes. Just set the BOOT DEVICE as "USB-ZIP" in the BIOS, and the system will be guide to recognize the USB Flash Disk.

Q: What should I do if the USB Flash Disk fails to read or write after a normal installation?
A: There are two possible causes:
(1) If you can read data from the disk but cannot write, this is mostly because the disk is under write-protect state, or the storage space is full. Delete some documents, and you can continue to use it.
(2) The malfunction may be caused by power-off or improper pulling out of the USB Flash Disk. Simply reformat the disk.

Q: Can I change the state of write-protect when the USB Flash Disk is connected to a computer?
A: No, you can't. The right way: first pull out the USB Flash Disk, have the state changed, then connect again. Improper usage may lead to malfunction or damage to the USB Flash Disk.

Q: I've downloaded the driver files, but when I doubleclick the file, it says a programme is needed to open this? What should I do?
A: The driver files are ZIPed, which means they need to be extracted before you can install them. Unfortunately Windows 9x doesn't support ZIP files as a native format, therefore you need to obtain 3rd party programme to extract the files. We recommend for this purpose WinZIP www.winzip.com. If you are not familliar with extracting ZIP files, please reffer to WinZIP help file, or read the instructions here.

Q: My operating system is showing a message that the drive is write protected?
A: Our USB Flash Disks are equipped with a security switch – which can be set in two positions WRITE ENABLED and WRITE PROTECTED, switching it to the other position should resolve the problem.

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