How to Create a Brand

To get started branding, write a Mission Statement. It doesn't have to be a tome, but it needs to cover everything you intend to do to make your company stand out. Such as "We, Company X, want to be the Number One source for Item X." While this sounds generic, it is a very good start. But expand on it – explain (in short, concise statements) HOW you will do it. Stellar customer service? A certain "ingredient" in your products? A certain, consistent feature? What will you do to become the famous "Brand X"?

Next, decide what it is, exactly, that you are branding. Is it your commitment to your customers, a specific quality standard, or both? List your business' key features and benefits, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Third, identify your market, just like you would in your business plan.

Coin a phrase or name, it doesn't have to be a "real" word – get creative! "Posertrax" wasn't a word until I made it one. :)

Create a slogan or tagline that sums up your specialty. "Music & Sound FX for Posimators" is mine.

Finally, create a logo for your brand. While the logo itself is not your brand, it should be memorable, something that you can impress upon your prospects. It should instantly associate your brand to those familiar with it. Give it impact. It should NOT be complex, and should be able to be used consistently on all of your print and digital communications – pay attention to colors and gradients, lettering. Don't make it too hard to read if you include text.

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