How to Use a Brand

Consistent and repeated use of your brand will burn it into the hearts and minds of your audience. To do this, put your tagline, logo, and company name together. You can also use your URL if you wish (and if it’s something short and catchy). Let’s call this your “Brand Identifier”. Use it in everything you create – websites, brochures, business cards, flyers, ads, newsletters. You get the idea. Doing this will reinforce your brand.

It’s been said that once something is seen an average of seven times by a person, they will remember it. In marketing and promoting your brand, you must find a way to get repeated exposure (without spamming, now!) of your Brand Identifier.

There are a few good ways to do this on Renderosity. One is to create Free Stuff, and incorporate your Brand Identifier into your thumbnail, read me file, and other elements that are in your item. This will help you later should you decide to sell products. You can also create a banner ad if you are a Marketplace Merchant. Use your Identifier in this also.

The best placement for your Brand Identifier is at the top of your product thumbnail. (Going back to a convention in the music industry where the band’s name was at the top of the album so as to be seen easily in the store’s record bins). Then below that, you’ve got your product name and image. Make sure that the logo is the same size and placement on all your thumbnails. Make a Master Template in Photoshop or other image editor that supports layers. Make the Brand Identifier the top layer, so that it can be seen above the graphics when flattened.

Non-graphical ways to use your brand are in your forum posts. Use your autosignature (or sig file) with every post you make. A sig file is just a few lines with your name, company name if any, tagline, and web site URL.

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