Alloy USB Drives

When selecting which memory stick works for you, consider this metallic device. This type of material is enhanced because of its combination with one or more metals or non-metals.

The striking finish of an alloy flash drive presents a professional look that is even more appealing because of its slim design. You can have it manufactured to look like a posh card, with your company logo printed or even engraved, if desired. Its super smooth and sleek feature is great for a monotone or multicoloured graphic design. This is perfect to present a high-end image and is even suitable for corporate gifts. This small and lightweight data-keeper can be packed with up to 16GB of solid state memory, so even you can enjoy its privileges.

Demo copies of your products can also be saved – letting your sales and PR reach more possible clients. But with such an elegant and modern shape, who wouldn’t be interested to get to know your services?

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