Pop USB Drives

Data storage devices have evolved throughout the years. As time passed, they have transformed from simple, rectangular gadgets and assumed more interesting forms, such as accessories, writing instruments, and other shapes. However, if you want to really stand out, you can never go wrong by choosing a flash drive that has a bottle opener.

This quirky gadget can be extremely popular with your clients because of its dual functionality. With this, they can open beer, fizzy drinks, and other beverages and still be able to save their important documents. Thus, whether the customers are partying hard with their friends or working hard at the office, your company logo will always be visible to them as well as to their colleagues and pals. This is then when you can enjoy free and no-hassle advertising.

The top and bottom surfaces of this device, on which your brand will be printed, are made of durable metal. The sides, on the other hand, is composed of sturdy plastic which comes in a variety of bright colours to suit your taste.

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