Stainless-Steel USB Drives

Precision engineered from inside and out, this technological wonder is both convenient and necessary. In these fast-paced times when functionality is as important as its aesthetics, this will be one of your wise promotional investments.

Your brand can be imprinted through silk screening or laser engraving, depending on your budget. Either way, this can make your logo last notably longer than those plastic-made sticks. This is compatible with most of the widely-used operating systems, so no need to worry; you and your clients will be satisfied. Because of its durability, long warranties are guaranteed and have cutting-edge shock-resistant qualities. In case you travel a lot and you happen to drop it, less damage may happen compared to other flash drives due to its study quality. You can opt for 4-Colour printing or just a monotone, depending on what PR strategy you employ. Most importantly, you can also preload it with data of your services, usually up to 2 GB.

So if sturdiness, functionality, and style are what you need, choose stainless-steel USB drives to enhance your promotional campaign.

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