Twister USB Drives

If you have been researching for promotional flash drives, then you may have noticed that this type is one of the most popular designs. The style is favoured by numerous people because of several things, and here are some of them.

  • One reason is its rotating shell, which gives this product its well-known nickname. This metal exterior can be moved in 360 degrees, which means that users can flip it around whenever they need to save some data and turn it back when they are done. This provides the convenience that your clients will surely appreciate because, aside from being easy to use, this design also removes the need for a cover. Thus, there will not be any caps that your customers can lose which, in turn, means that their storage device is always protected.
  • The style is also popular because of its materials. Its twisting shell is made of metal, which is where your company logo will be printed if you want to have bespoke USBs for your business. The rest of its exterior surface, on the other hand, is composed of durable plastic, which is available in bright colours such as green and orange.

So wait no more, have a twist in your marketing campaign, opt for the Twister USB!

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