Warranty and RMA

All items sold by USBFactory are covered by full warranty. The warranty period is 1 year from receipt of your order. Should you have any RMA products for return, please follow the below described procedure.

  1. Customers should ensure that the RMA goods were supplied by USBFactory and are still under warranty.
  2. Customers should complete the contact form – please click here
  3. A RMA number will be assigned to the customer within 1 working day upon receipt of the RMA form.
  4. Customers should send the defected goods to USBFactory within one week after receipt of the RMA number and should be responsible for the shipment costs.
  5. After preliminary inspection of the returned RMA, we would send out confirmation of receipt to customers within 2 days and advise customers whether the RMA goods can be covered by warranty or not.
  6. If the RMA cannot be covered by warranty (e.g. warranty label has been removed, defect is due to misuse by customers), the repair charge required will be quoted to customers. Customers will also be responsible for the freight charge when the goods are returned to them after repair.
  7. The period for repair is normally three to four weeks. If a longer period for repair is required, we would inform customers in advance and offer other feasible solutions such as replacement.
  8. The goods will be returned to customers once repair is completed and USBFactory will be responsible for this freight charge if the RMA is covered by warranty.
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